Neal Shusterman visits school, informs students

The man behind the “Unwind” collection of books and the “Everlost” trilogy visited school today, giving a presentation and holding a workshop for select English students.


Monica Hernandez

Author Neal Shusterman gives a presentation on writing during a workshop third period today. Students in the 11th grade English class wrote a short story with Shusterman.

Popular young adult novelist Neal Shusterman visited school today, after he was unable to attend his first engagement a few weeks ago. During his make-up visit, Shusterman talked about what inspired him to get into writing as well as how he comes up with stories and characters. He met students in the MPR during period 2 and then held a writer’s workshop in Ron Baer’s third period English class.

Shusterman talked in detail about the development process for “Unwind,” one of his latest novels and the character of Brewster from “Bruiser,” who has the ability to absorb people’s phsycial and emotional pain.

“He doesn’t just heal your broken bones,” Shusterman said. “He heals your broken heart.”