Apple Pay app substitutes credit cards for Apple devices


Users can pay for products with the Apple Pay app, instead of using credit cards or PayPal. Users just scan their finger on their Apple device and it makes the purchase.

Brandon Gilden

Apple recently released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which are supposed to be the new best thing, but that isn’t all they’re adding to the world of technology.

Apple released a new iOS 8 update, 8.0.1, which is going to include Apple Pay. Available for the new Apple products, this revolutionary app is set to replace credit cards with your iPhones and iPads.

Some people are more excited over Apple pay than others but for the most part, it doesn’t really interest them. PayPal is currently the number one online payment source and would be the biggest victim of lost customers if Apple Pay does work out.

Senior Jordin Hammoud believes that Apple Pay is going to fail just like other companies have.

“Apple Pay is going to fail just like Google Wallet,” Hammoud said. “You don’t try to fix what isn’t broken and the credit card isn’t broken.”

Apple Pay is designed to speed up the purchase process both online and at stores. With the fingerprint recognition on the device, you just scan your finger and it makes the purchase.

As for security, Apple claims it is safer than holding credit cards. If one was to lose their wallet, they are also losing all their credit cards whereas with an iPhone, the person also needs to get your password which is why senior Anthony Dracic is a fan.

“Although I switched from Apple to Samsung, Apple is showing that they want me back as a customer,” Dracic said. “They’re revolutionizing the credit card and it looks very promising.”