Tate leaves

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Photo by Yuliya Kipnis. Social sciences teacher Martin Tate will be leaving on Oct. 5 to be a deal at Sutter Middle School.


In school, as in life, there must always be goodbyes.  So, on Oct. 5, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School (DPMHS) will say goodbye to social science teacher Martin Tate.

Tate has taught for 11 years, with most of those years spent at  DPMHS.  He has taught Adavanced Placement (AP) Economics, AP U.S. Government, U.S. History, Middle Eastern History and World History.  Tate has two bachelor’s and two master’s degrees; the masters are in education and administration.  He attended California State University Northridge and Pepperdine University.

“It’s been a unique experience teaching here (DPMHS) and it’s a unique and special environment to be educated here,” Tate said.

He had an earlier career in the Marines and enjoys traveling to the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Tate will be dean at Sutter Middle School in Canoga Park.

-By Nelson Figueroa