Girl's volleyball creates bond at start of season

Photo by Ana Perez. Sophomore Siena Tinoco who is passer and hitter, awaits to receive the ball during a practice game.

By Robert Tapia                                                                                                       Staff Writer

The girls’ volleyball team presents precision and extreme dedication toward the sport and their teammates.

Dedication comes into play with hard practices to warm up for the big game. Everyone must be at practice Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. according to Leanne Bennett-Riley, the Junior Varsity Coach.

“It’s really important to get to know everyone on the team because the team should become like a family,” sophomore, passer and hitter Siena Rae Tinoco said. “When you really get to know people on the team you build up teamwork and that’ll help you during games to get great hits and win games.”

Getting to know your teammates is an advantage because communication is a huge part in any sport.

“It creates a bond between us and we understand each other more,” said senior Keren Calderon.

The coach pushes the players to a certain limit of what they think they’re capable of doing.

It’s the players that can take it past that limit because the coach doesn’t know their full potential.

How much the team wants it, really makes the difference in the game.

“At my old school, the varsity girls had amazing skills and teamwork, because of that, they would always bring in great awards and championships. They were like a family and I wanted to be a part of that too. I’m really grateful that God has blessed me with so many great experiences and challenges that made me the athlete I am now,” Tinoco said.