Birmingham basketball coaches look for height, not talent

Jordan Rubin

My biggest high school fear was not being able to join the Birmingham Community Charter High School’s boys basketball team.

The outrageous number of boys trying out for only a select group of spots was beyond my wildest thoughts. Tryouts were held for two days in the small gym at Birmingham and consisted of basic basketball skills. The real talent came from the taller athletes who were able to dunk, but they lacked easy fundamentals.

Students were cut due to their height. The coaches were looking for tall players to fill the select available spots.

“There are many players trying out for the team, but not enough spots. We would like to accept you all but being a competitive team we can’t,” boys varsity basketball coach Nick Halic said.

I made it through to the second tryout before being cut. Many of my fellow peers, who I consider good, have also not been able to play on the team.

“I trained the whole summer at LA fitness and not being able to make the Birmingham basketball team is crazy!” junior Dylan Abekasis said.

Basketball is a fun team activity and should be played worldwide. It provides a good way to improve your health everyday. The sport teaches team building skills and gives players a full body workout, all while being an easy way to have fun.

“Basketball is in my blood, I play everyday for at least two hours. Birmingham could have gained a great player…” sophomore Sean Kraizberger said.

Height shouldn’t matter because 10% of NBA players are less than six feet tall. If you are capable of playing a sport you should also get a chance to play for your school. In addition, I feel I haven’t reached my full high school experience and for that reason I’m frustrated.