Instagram’s new app Hyperlapse allows users to make timelapse videos

Joseph Mousaed

Basketball is usually a hard sport to film on a phone, but Hyperlapse makes it possible to shoot a video at lightning fast speeds or in slow motion.

Instagram released Hyperlapse last Tuesday and surprised people with this new technology. Professional photographers pay thousands to take time-lapse videos with different cameras. Hyperlapse allows ordinary people to take professional videos on their phones.

Instagram’s app allows videos to be taken at different speeds and amazing quality on iOS devices. When the app is opened, all that is shown is a small white button similar to the built-in camera on the device. To take a video, the user has to hold the button. When they let go, the app directs them to a screen that allows the user to change the speed of the video that was taken. This is where the time-lapse kicks in.

An hour-long basketball game can be shown in a few minutes with Hyperlapse. Or people are now able to watch the sun set in the amount of time it takes them to yawn.

Hyperlapse also allows the user to upload the video straight to Facebook and Instagram with the touch of a button. The video is also stored in the phone’s camera roll.

Hyperlapse is the start of a new wave of technology and people are coming up with new ways to use the app every day.

This technology changing app is currently available in all iOS devices and is currently being developed for Android devices.