Meet the new teachers and staff

Marcelina Vergara

Ron Baer

English Teacher

Photo by Melyssa Montoya


1) What is different about teaching at DPMHS?

Daniel Pearl students are more open to talking and expressing themselves which is a great quality and the reason I’m glad I’m here. At ArtLab, there were gangs in the area. There was a feeling that students didn’t want to talk about things.

2) What makes your classes different from others?

I’m an avid reader and I read a lot of fiction so I encourage students to read fiction as well. For now, I let the students pick their choice of books but I do ask them to read a hundred pages per week and the students will be reading books in class as well as on their own.

3) What would you like your students to know about you?

I’m a writer, I have finished a novel called “The F train at the Forest Hills” and it hasn’t been published so the title may change. It’s a semi autobiographical book about growing up in New York. I take the bus everyday which gives me a lot of time to read books and I have two 7-year-old twins. Being a father and coming home to my kids proud of what I do everyday is important to me.












Photo by Melyssa Montoya

Anna Felix

Math Teacher


1) What was your job before teaching at DPMHS?

I taught 7th grade math at Orville Wright Middle School.

2) How is it different from teaching at DPMHS?

Middle schoolers are less mature and the math is easier.

3) What do you teach?

I teach Pre Calculus and Algebra 2.

4) What are your teaching goals for this year?

I want everybody to understand the Common Core Standards.

5) What do you expect from your students?

I expect the students to do their best, think hard and to help each other.

6) What makes your class different?

I really like to incorporate collaborative learning. I want them to talk to each other and we do projects, presentations and group work.

7) What would you like your students to know about you?

I started scuba diving when I was 12. We took a boat trip with our class out to Channel Islands. The first island I dove off of was Santa Cruz. Also, I learned how to kneeboard before walking.






Photo by Natalie Moore

Lupe Osorio

Front Office Managment


1)What is your position at DPMHS? What do you do?

I’m the office tech or office administrator. I help with the attendance, answering phones, greeting parents, helping the nurse, anything to help the school.

2) What was your job before working at DPMHS?

I worked at Grant High School for 17 years until two years ago. I was a TA until the last four years there. I was then the office tech and helped the bilingual students.

3) How is this job different from your pervious one?

It’s completely different, especially coming from a school with 3,000 students to about 400. Also, at Grant I was more in charge of the bilingual program.

4) What are your goals for this school year?

To be positive and to encourage everyone to have positive ideas. Another goal is to teach TA’s skills, be positive and welcoming.

5) What is something you would like students to know about you?

I like everyone to be respectful, treat each other equally and like one another no matter who they are.








Photo by Melyssa Montoya


Thomas Wild

Math Teacher


1) What was your job before teaching at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School?

I used to do auto insurance claims. I was the supervisor at an insurance company (21st Century) and then I became a substitute teacher for a year and a half.

3) What are your teaching goals this year?

I’m a class sponsor for the freshmen class and Wheels For Youth. I’m very passionate about them.

4) What do you expect from your students?

I expect my students to work hard and to achieve. Everyone has an opportunity to get a good grade in my class if you work hard and understand the homework. If you don’t understand the lesson, I’m available during my tutoring hours to help you.

5) What makes your classes different from others?

I try to find things that the majority of my students are interested in. I try to find projects that my students might enjoy.

6) What would you like your students to know about you?

I’ve ridden my bike across the United States. I’ve gone from Washington state to Maine.. It was 5,400 miles and it took me three months.