Profile: Cortes The Golfer

Gera Pimenov

Adrian Cortes
Adrian Cortes

Adrian Cortes hasn’t been playing golf for a long time, but thoroughly enjoys it.

He’s only been playing on the Birmingham Community Charter team for about three months and plans to continue playing. Heredia enjoys playing golf for many reasons, including the benefits it offers. He gets credit for having an extracurricular activity, along with opportunities to meet others, and create new interactions. Cortes is socially active when playing and also gets physical activity.

“I am looking forward to playing more golf and interacting with others,” said Cortes, a sophomore.

Cortes says he enjoys golf because it is entertaining. It gives him an opportunity to do something efficient and useful after school. Golf just happens to be a fun and creative after school activity for Heredia.

Heredia plans to win future competitions or tournaments and play for more seasons. He says he would like to achieve educational advances from golfing, while creating new relationships and interactions with other players.

“I enjoy playing golf because it offers many benefits including social, physical and educational,” Cortes said.