Profiles of Boys Volleyball Athletes

Jonas Acebes
Jonas Acebes
Jose Herrera
Jose Herrera
Ludyn Vasquez
Ludyn Vasquez


Freshman Jonas Acebes is determined to win a trophy for his volleyball team.

Acebes is a volleyball player for Birmingham Community Charter High School as an outside. With a team record of 11 wins, 12 draws and one loss, he believes there could be an improvement in communication.

“My team’s communication is getting better but (it’s) not the best,” Acebes said.

He has been playing volleyball since he was in middle school and has been improving since then. He decided to join volleyball because he wanted to spend more time with his friends. He is progressing by hitting more serves and communicating more with his team.

Acebes likes how his teammates and the people around him are friendly and also cherishes the action of the game, but worries that he is not good enough.

“I get nervous but I shake it off when I realize other school’s are dealing with the same problem,” Acebes said.



Junior Jose Herrera enjoys playing opposite on the volleyball team because he prevents the ball from touching the ground, which is essentially a point for the other team.

“He is a passer and he is good at it but we all have something to work on,” said teacher’s assistant (T.A) Michal Francisco.

The junior varsity volleyball team did their best to make it to playoffs  but were unsuccessful this season. The team ranked 219 out of 367 with a total of 13 wins, 14 losses and one tie.

“I thought the season could have gone better. We lost some of the games due to being cocky but there is always next season,” said Herrera, who is also the sports editor for The Pearl Post.

In the future, Herrera doesn’t necessarily see himself playing volleyball in college because he wants to focus on his studies.  Herrera thinks he has grown very much by being a part of the volleyball team and it has helped him develop his communication skills.


 Ludyn Vasquez, a determined and competitive volleyball player, practices hard with his versatile team for the upcoming games.

Vasquez plays defensive starter on the Birmingham Community Charter High School volleyball team. During this season, The Patriots have won seven and lost seven games. Every day, Vasquez gets ready for after-school practice, usually three hours long. He plays alongside freshman Gabriel Rodriguez, freshman Jonas Acebes, and junior Jose Herrera while being coached by Anthony Thomas and Jose Ortega.

“He’s a team player and he knows what it takes to win,” Herrera said.

Vasquez became part of the Patriots last year playing since then. He joined because his close friends play in the Birmingham volleyball team, and he likes to stay in great shape. This year he has moved up to junior varsity (j.v) team. This year his goal is to be better at serving, passing, and setting.

“When I’m in a game, I always think, ‘don’t let the ball fall’,” Vasquez said.


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