Boys Soccer Profiles

Alfonso Serrano
Alfonso Serrano
Michael Linan
Michael Linan
Jonathan Hinojosa
Jonathan Hinojosa


Birmingham Community Charter High School soccer player Alfonso Serrano has dreams to play in college as a professional.

Ever since Serrano was 2 years old, he was already a big fan of soccer because of seeing his dad playing all the time. And at the age of 4, he started playing the sport he admired so much. Now he is playing as a junior on the varsity team of the Birmingham Patriots and it seems like he is getting closer to his goal.

“He’s very creative and knows how to work his position,” junior and teammate Michael Linan said. “And he has a very fast pace.”

By playing as a center-mid and left wing, Serrano’s teammates help him learn from his flaws. Having a family that loves soccer also encourages Serrano to fulfill his goals of playing professional.

“It makes me feel great when I play. And I just love the game,” Serrano said.



Watching the adrenaline on television, goalkeeper Michael Linan plays with a passion that started when he was 6 years old.

Along with the Birmingham Community Charter High School varsity soccer team, Linan had a successful season this year with winning the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) city finals but lost in the state semi-finals. Linan gets along great with the other players such as fellow junior Alfonso Serrano, who plays center midfield.

“He’s a very good player and wants to improve everyday as a goalkeeper,” Serrano said.

Although Linan enjoys soccer, he has other sports he’s gotten interested in such as basketball and boxing. As the only athlete in his immediate family, his family is very supportive of him playing soccer. Linan says they attend his games and make sure he has everything he needs for his games. When asked about his plans for the future, Linan explains that he wants to work in business administration although soccer is still an option.

“ I feel the adrenaline and energy flowing through me,”  junior Linan said.



Jonathan Hinojosa, a valuable player for the Birmingham Community Charter High School boys varsity soccer team, finished off the league season with 10 wins and no losses.

 In the regular league season, the Patriots beat many local soccer teams such El Camino Real, Granada Hills, and Birmingham’s rival school, Taft. They rank number six in state and rank 30 in the nation.

On March 13, Birmingham’s Soccer team finish their overall season with a city championship win. The Patriots beat about 22 schools.

“I just try to do my best for the team,” Hinojosa said.

 Hinojosa started playing soccer when he was seven when he saw his sister in her own team. Hinojosa started playing soccer in his freshmen year and  made it all the way to varsity as he concludes his senior year with an outstanding record. This 17-year-old focuses on sports, yearbook and school all at the same time while still having fun with his friends and family that support him.

“I like how soccer, or futbol, is international. Everyone in the world can play it,” Hinojosa said.