Coachella ignites as spring arrives with live music and games

Emon Abdullah

People from all over the country are crazed in excitement over one of the most anticipated music events of the year, the Coachella Arts and Music Festival. Coachella takes place in Indio, California every year and always has a lineup that makes crowds go crazy.

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“Last year I attended Coachella, and it was one of the greatest experiences. It’s pretty much one huge concert with amazing artists,” senior Warren Wasserlein said. “I’m even more excited to go this year.”

Coachella is not just geared toward teenagers, but many adults go as well. With the food, rides and games, it appeals to everyone no matter what age. As proof, it sold out the first day of ticket sales.

This year, Coachella is headlining a lot of popular musical talent such as Zedd, Lana Del Rey, Beck, Kid Cudi, Arcade Fire, as well as many others. Even the band Outkast, who was previously broken up, is coming together just for the event.

“Coachella looks like so much fun, it’s my dream to be able to go next year,” sophomore Alina Somoundjian said.

Coachella is two weekends long, featuring the same artists. The first weekend is April 11-13th and the second weekend is April 18-20th. With both action packed weekends and amazing talent, this year is bound to be as thrilling as ever.