Students participate in 2014 Los Angeles Marathon

Marcelina Vergara


One Sunday in March, Los Angeles’ attention turns to one number, 26.2, as millions watch and thousands participate in the Los Angeles Marathon.

On March 9, four students from Daniel Pearl Magnet High School ran the marathon. The event started at Dodgers’ Stadium and ended at the Santa Monica Pier.

“Running a marathon was something new and it’s something I would like to do again,” junior Harry Fanthorpe said.

From left to right: Seniors Robert Tapia, Harry Fanthorpe, MyGemLee Guzman and David Aldama celebrate after completing the LA Marathon on March 9. Photo by Rusel Ramirez.

For some people, running the 26.2 mile marathon was a piece of cake. Since Fanthorpe and senior David Aldama were already familiar with running long distances, they only needed to train a little more to prepare for the full marathon.

Aldama trained with Students Run Los Angeles (SRLA) at the police division located in Hollywood and has ran two marathons before.

Others, however, like seniors Robert Tapia and MyGemLee Guzman had to train hard to prepare for the marathon. Tapia and Guzman started training themselves by running both with social sciences teacher Robert Hoeks and  by themselves.

“The marathon was the hardest thing that I have ever done,” Guzman said. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish but the only way out was to finish the race.”

For months, the four would meet up at Sepulveda Middle School every Saturday to do training runs, starting with small, two mile that eventually built up to 18 mile runs.

“I learned to stick together as a team and to keep fighting for what you want.. In the end, it really pays off,” Tapia said.

After this grueling yet awarding experience, the runners have learned, among other things, the power of perseverance.

“It takes a lot of dedication to get something done.. Preparing yourself is the best way to achieve it,” Aldama said.