Anticipated season for boys tennis

Sophomore Joseph Mousaed strikes the tennis ball back over the net.  Photo from  Angelo Marmol
Sophomore Joseph Mousaed strikes the tennis ball back over the net. Photo by Angelo Marmol


As March is approaching, the tennis season is just over the horizon, the team has been working very hard in preparation to start their tennis season with their eyes set on the ball.

“We’re conditioning every day. Practice has been going well so far,” freshman Jozsef Feher said.

With the season in sight, all the Daniel Pearl Magnet High School tennis representatives all have their own goals in mind in order to have a great year. They do not fear the great physical demand required by the sport of tennis, and they are ready to face the challenges the upcoming season has to offer.

This is Feher’s first year in high school, and thus, it is his first year with the tennis team. Along with Feher, sophomore Joseph Mousaed is eager to take on the challenge of doing great this season.

That being said, they know the work is cut out for them.

“I want to get in better shape and become an overall better player,” Feher said.

He and the rest of the team also have very high ambitions. They all want a chance to be distinguished as great players.

“We all want to go to Individuals, which is where the best players from each high school go for a tournament,” Feher said.

Feher and Mousaed are both determined to do well as the season advances. It’s safe to say that this season, we can expect big things from the DPMHS tennis players.

“I think we’ll do well, considering this is my first year,”  Mousaed said. “The team has excellent teamwork and that’s what matters most, teamwork.”