iTunes Radio competes with other online radio stations

Marcelina Vergara


iTunes Radio has different selections depending on the type of music you want.

When iPhone users explored the iOS 7 update, they were surprised to discover a free radio station installed.

On Sept. 18, Apple released a new software update that changed the look and feel of iPhones and added a new feature to the music app: iTunes Radio.

“I haven’t really used iTunes Radio. I only use the music app for my own music,” senior Michella Mousaed.

The radio works the same as any other radio app but with one significant advantage, iTunes Radio could play both mainstream and underground songs, since it is originally an online music store, while other radio apps may only play mainstream music due to licensing contracts and issues.

However, listeners will not find a huge difference on the songs that will be played since Pandora has an expanded license contracts due to growing users.

“They both need internet access but the only difference is iTunes Radio is installed within the app whereas you need to install the Pandora app which takes up more space on your phone,” freshman Juliet Tafoya said.

Bottomline: Since radio apps are basically the same, if you want a mainstream playlist, Pandora and other known radio apps are the way to go but if you want to explore more artists, you should try the new iTunes Radio app Apple has created.

“I guess it just depends on what someone likes but if you can save (memory) space on your phone and it has more variety, why not?” sophomore Aileen Kangavary said.