Can’t unplug for one day

April Serrano


Photo by Ilana Gale
Freshman April Serrano uses her phone to check her various social media.

Waking up at 10:27 a.m. and answering the landline to talk to my mom, beginning to actually think this might be difficult.

An hour later I use the landline again, and after I was done talking I was so tempted to turn on the television. I said to myself “No, stop it, don’t do it!” So I decided to go feed my pitbull to get my mind off the temptations.

After three hours my dad gets home with Douglas burgers, bringing me back a drink. As I’m there on the counter I don’t realize what I’m doing till it hit commercial. I cracked while watching “Duck Dynasty.”

I would have never realized how much I use technology until this. I mean I don’t use my phone as much as other people do, but I do listen to music and watch T.V. a lot. One of my favorite shows is “Duck Dynasty.” When I watch it, it’s hard to concentrate of something else because I just get so caught into what’s happening I forget.

For the three hours I was packing for my trip to Las Vegas, answering the landline, and eating. In total I used the landline four times; I’ve never used the landline so many times in my life.

“You’re not going to last the entire day, I promise you that!” Leonel, my little brother, said. But my mom had faith in me that I would be able to do it. She said, “It’s not that hard, trust me, I didn’t have half the technology you had today.

In the end, I rely on technology more than I thought. I use it for music, entertainment, and even capture a moment. Maybe I need technology more, than it needs me.