Watch phones are the new rage

Enrie Amezcua


In a world of constant technology, its time to introduce a new product to today’s innovating society.

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Samsung unveils the new Galaxy Gear, also known as the watch phone, that introduces to consumers a new way to check the most commonly used applications such as phone calls and text messaging all on your wrist. Close to the size of a digital watch, this device can become as handy as the watch itself.

The new Galaxy Gear syncs via blue tooth to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and is reportedly also compatible with the Galaxy S3,S4 and the Note 2. Some of the most basic controls of the Gear carry it the power of viewing a text message, checking on real-time and never missing a call. By using the Galaxy Gear, you can give the command of calling one of your contacts in your phonebook by a push of button and by the sound of your voice.

As many as 800,000 watches have reportedly been shipped to retailers worldwide. As Samsung begins to decide a set a price it is told that it would be around $300.

Sony also released its version of a watch phone with its SmartWatch. They have also released released the SmartWatch 2 with only a few improvements. One of the biggests deals with the SmartWatch 2 is its compatibility to connect with most smart phones running Android 4.0 or later, giving the customer the option of not having to purchase a Galaxy.

It is unknown how many have been shipped to retail stores, however it is available on their website, with a starting price
of $179.99.

It is also rumored that Apple would unveil, next year, its latest product to compete with the Galaxy Gear which would take the name iWatch.