Sports contract expected to be renewed

By Elijah Zelonky :

Since Daniel Pearl Magnet High School was established in 2009, its students have had the opportunity to play sports at the neighboring Birmingham Community Charter High School. A contract was formed in 2009 allowing these DPMHS athletes to play for the neighboring school through 2013.

“The Charter agreement is that Daniel Pearl student athletes can try out for Birmingham teams and make it. Birmingham is trying to get the charter approved and Daniel Pearl is negotiating with them to keep this relationship,” DPMHS Principal Deb Smith said.

Now that it is 2013, the contract is expiring and students and faculty alike want it to be renewed. Fortunately, according to Smith, renewing this contract will not be a difficult issue, and she expects it to be signed by the end of the school year.

“We’ve already had a meeting once at Birmingham and Principal Bill Parks didn’t show any problem,” Smith said.

BCCHS Athletic Director Rick Prizant understands that it is important for DPMHS students to play sports and he is all in favor of the Sharks playing with the Patriots.

“For the immediate future, all DPMHS students will be allowed to participate in BCCHS athletics without cost as per the current charter and co-location agreement. I hope it works out to everyone’s satisfaction,” Prizant said.

For the past five years, DPMHS students have been able to play sports for BCCHS. They would not have been able to play sports at all without the contract.

“I’d be upset if the ability to play basketball was taken away because I’ve always wanted to play high school basketball and my opportunity for a scholarship would be taken as well,” freshman basketball player Julia Torres said.

Other athletes would also be negatively impacted both physically and socially without the ability to play sports.

“Playing baseball at Birmingham means a lot to me because I get to play my favorite sport every day with friends,” freshman Brandon Maldonado said.

Although the lack of DPMHS sports would not be ideal, the contract negotiations have been extremely positive so far. It seems, as of now, that students will continue to play sports at BCCHS.