App of the Month: "Branch" into home videos with Vine

By Dion Mazor
Photo Editor:

Photo by Dion Mazor. The illustrations show popular hashtags while the hashtags alone show what is trending now on the app.

Twitter’s Vine application introduces an avant-garde form of networking; perhaps an entirely new platform for social media.

Vine enables its users to stream and post videos in an instant with the user-friendliness of Instagram.

Video snippets are restricted to six seconds, with a looping availability as well as the option of sharing your masterpieces on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s as easy as tapping the video icon and recording until of course, the bar is filled with red and your six seconds of fame are up.

Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman believes that the six-second time limit “inspires creativity.”

Many Vine users agree with this idea, making six second versions of their favorite movies.

Another interesting feature is the stop-motion animation aspect of Vine because it opens up a whole new world for novice cinematographers to explore—to an extent, a glimpse into what professionals create.

Numerous comparisons arose between Vine and Instagram users, making the argument that they share inevitable similarities, chiefly in the interface.

As far as major differences go: Instagram is based on viewing one’s life through pictures while Vine is through video.

Pornographic content has been an issue for Vine, as it is a video app. They tried to fix to that by disabling the ‘porn’ hashtag and including a warning that the app may contain questionable content —though some critics say that’s not enough.

Despite this minor setback, Vine has made huge strides from its January release.  It is No. 4 in the Apple App Store’s Top 25 Free Apps list with inumerable downloads. It is free, but unfortunately is not yet available to Android devices.