Summer school faces cuts, again


Once again, summer school programs are declining due to budget cuts and students who need to make up credits are looking at second options.

“If I can’t get into summer school, then I’d probably enroll into adult school,” said sophomore Nathan Coogan.

Enrollment in summer school is a first-come, first-served basis, with an exception being made for senior students.

“Seniors usually have a priority because they’re trying to get their diploma so they aren’t considered dropouts,” counselor Martina Torres said.

The nearest adult school programs are being held at Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) and at Reseda High School.

These programs will provide individual instruction, with students being able to work at their own pace.

Adult school isn’t only to make up credits, however, some students go to adult school to get ahead and earn extra credits.

“Adult school is allowing me to catch up on credits while still being able to come to school so that I don’t have to go to continuation school,” junior Hector Rocha said.

Two years ago, summer school was offering students two classes to make up credits for, this year however LAUSD has decided to only one class will be offered for credit recovery.  The reason for this is the district budget.

Failure to make up credits can result in retaking classes, being held back by a year and losing the opportunity to graduate with their senior class.