Restaurant Review: All a buzz at Humblebee Cafe


Nathalie Miranda

Humblebee Cafe offers a variety of organic meals from locally sourced purveyors. The cafe is not too expensive and would make a great place for students to visit over spring break.

Nathalie Miranda

Humblebee Cafe is a family-owned restaurant that offers organic and delicious food along with a very comfortable environment. 

Humblebee Cafe, located at 17321 Saticoy St., Northridge, offers a cool and comfy environment from the bright yellow walls to the plants that decorate the outside seating area. The food is delicious and healthy food. It’s open for breakfast and lunch during the week and breakfast and brunch on the weekends. If you’re looking for somewhere to have a very tasty and overall aesthetically pleasing breakfast over spring break, definitely give Humblebee Cafe a try. 

The cafe collaborates with many local purveyors and because of this, its menu is always changing. However, no matter what meals are switched out there’s a guarantee that you’ll always be able to find a tasty meal with organic ingredients. The menu offers a variety of foods at any given moment, from pancakes to salads and much more. 

When I visited the cafe, I immediately noticed the comfortable vibe of the restaurant. The decor was very hipster-like and the outdoor seating was decorated the same. The service was also incredible. I did not have to wait very long for my food and I was blown away by the quality of it. 

I ordered banana, walnut and caramel pancakes and they were amazing. The quality of the fruit and the maple syrup was excellent. Everything tasted very fresh and natural. I also tried some of the more savory items on the menu and everything was very tasty. The country-fried potatoes specifically were very well made. 

Not only are there so many options of food to choose from but there are also so many organic drinks the cafe offers on its menu. There are organic coffee drinks, tea, fresh-squeezed fruit juices and fresh-squeezed specialty juices that are filled with many healthy fruits and vegetables.

The prices aren’t too expensive, everything is between $10 to $18. While it may not be a place students can hang out after school since they’re not open all day, it’s definitely a place students will enjoy. With the food and the hipster vibe, it would be a very comfortable place for teens. Paying a visit to Humblebee Cafe with some friends would be a perfect activity to do over spring break.