Club Corner: BSU helps students learn more about Black community


Rikka Dimalanta

Black Student Union President Tia Jarret and Vice President Naamah Scott brainstorm during a club meeting about things the club can do to help out on campus.

Rikka Dimalanta

Junior Naamah Silcott has been involved in Black Student Union (BSU) since freshman year and has gained both cultural knowledge and friends through it. 

“I’ve met some really, really wonderful people and (for) me personally, (BSU) helps me with my confidence,” Silcott said, who is currently vice president of BSU. “It’s also taught me a lot more about Black culture and African-American culture and history. It’s been very beneficial for me.”

BSU offers opportunities for all students to learn about and recognize the positive impact of the Black community on society. It also acts as a place of inclusivity and acceptance for students who want to acknowledge one another and their differences. Senior Tia Jarrett took over the role of club president after former president Cassia Ramelb graduated last year. 

“I really liked the environment (Cassia) was able to create and what the club brought to the campus,” Jarrett said. “And I wanted to continue that when she graduated.”

Jarrett’s goal as the club president is to establish a welcoming environment for new and returning students so that everyone feels included after getting out of quarantine. Some BSU members enjoy the close community of the club and how it gives many opportunities to connect with new people. There are also some who benefitted educationally through their membership in BSU.

“I attend BSU because I think the organization/club is very important and should involve other students,” senior Cameron Frank said. “It’s also made me realize that I should also look up to some people and just because of discrimination or inequality, you can still do great things.”

Due to the pandemic, it is difficult for BSU students to do certain desired activities such as collaboration with other schools. However, they have been participating in local group activities such as poster-making and social media engagement to promote the club and spread awareness. This allows members to relax in a comfortable social atmosphere while recognizing the Black community at the same time. 

“BSU has helped build my leadership skills and my willingness to be more outgoing,” Jarrett said. “I’ve always been involved in clubs and other groups, but being president of a club that was so meaningful to me helped me build those skills even more.”