Concert Review: Tangent Transmission at Terrace in Pasadena

By Ana Perez:

Although known schoolwide for their work with Be More Heroic, Tangent Transmission’s on-stage performance outside of school shows a more vibrant side to these aspiring stars.

With no restrictions from school rules, this rock band is more free at concerts to express themselves without concern of a foul word slipping out every now and then.

Despite being scheduled to perform at 10 p.m. at the Terrace club in Pasadena on April 11 , Tangent Transmission’s performance didn’t begin until several minutes later, due to the delay of other bands putting away equipment.

The wait finally came to its end. Band members Dugan Cruz, Kirby Shaw, Sam Sobo and Nicholas Murford began setting up their equipment.

In a matter of minutes, the Terrace filled with the electric sound of Tangent Transmission.  The crowd soon began to groove with the music, as the band performed their song “Mama Quilla” first.

Although their performance wait was longer than expected, the crowd was still at a substantial amount, either singing along, head banging or of course, screaming.

For most of their songs, the band began rather slow and soft, evolving into a loud electric tune that has made them a one-of-a-kind rock group.

Since their last performance for Daniel Pearl Magnet High School students on Jan. 18, the wait for Tangent Transmission to return to campus will soon come to an end as they will be performing at DPMHS on April 22 during an extended lunch.

Tangent Transmission will perform at DPMHS on April 22 during a noon-time concert. Photo by Ana Perez