Change comes to Boys’ Golf after a rough beginning

By Jose Herrera

Contributing Writer

The golfing patriots have had a troubling start in the season, but they’re determined to work their way out of a hole.

“The first two matches I don’t remember the scores but the last game we lost by one point,” said Joseph Mousaed member of the varsity golf team for Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS).

So far the BCCHS golfers have played three games against Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences, John F. Kennedy High School, and Verdugo Hills High School all resulting in losses but they’ve been picking up the pace.  Recently, only losing by one point.

Normally, the team has a game every Wednesday afternoon and practice everyday for an hour on the Van Nuys Golf Course.  During practice they work with different clubs, on their putting, drives, tipping, and pinching skills.

“At first we were unorganized and didn’t really know each other that well,” Mousaed said. “But during practice we’ve been doing better and it’s giving us a chance to bond.”

Although their team is relatively small, consisting of 11 boys, these guys are just as fierce and competitive.  They have to be cool and collected when playing their games.

“I try not to lose focus because you have to concentrate,” said Mousaed, smiling as he described the next bit.  “What I do to keep myself calm and focused is only think positive and pleasant thoughts, as well as think of music lyrics to keep my mind occupied.”

Golf isn’t a game of bronze but more about precision and accuracy.  These patriots have to be smart about their decisions.