Athlete of the Month: Erika Lopez

Photo by Rusel Ramirez. Mid fielder and defender Erika Lopez in deep concentration on which teammate to pass the ball to.

By Cailin Ried

Features Editor

Playing lacrosse is no easy feat. It takes strength, stamina and most of all passion. These characteristics are perfectly embodied in girls’ lacrosse player Erika Lopez.

Lopez has been playing lacrosse since she was sophomore and is currently playing on the varsity team at Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) as a defender and mid fielder and averages one point every game.

The girl’s lacrosse season began on Feb. 28. Their season is starting off beautifully with an overall record of 9-3 and a league record of 4-0 making them number one.

They compete against school such as Palisades, Huntington Park, Thacher School in Ojai and Beverly Hills.

“For the first time, we are number one in league and we are beating teams we have never beaten before,” Lopez said.

Lopez’s family is very supportive, coming to every game and bringing her to practice. Her sister Kathy Lopez and cousin Evelyn Lopez even play on the same team as her.

“I also have great support from staff and friends. Ms. Madge and my friends Jessica and Daniel and my boyfriend Stefan are always at my games,” Lopez said.

Lopez practices five days a week on the lacrosse team and when she is not there you can find her playing basketball, softball, soccer etc.

“I really like sports so I will play anything really,” Lopez said.

Lopez really enjoys lacrosse and although it isn’t a major goal of hers to play in college, it is a definite possibility.