Artist of the Month: Khalid

Khalids latest album Free Spirit is available on Spotify and Apple Music along with a short film based on the production of the album.

Khalid’s latest album “Free Spirit” is available on Spotify and Apple Music along with a short film based on the production of the album.

Harlow Frank

As an American singer and songwriter, Khalid has produced many relatable songs such as “American Teen” and “8TEEN,” in which most of his lyrics represent more than just words.

Khalid Donnel Robinson, born on Feb. 11, 1998, in Fort Stewart, Georgia, moved around a lot due to his mother’s military career. He later found himself in El Paso, Texas, where he attended Americas High School and began his music career just out of high school with the release of the song “Location.” This then grew in popularity and started up his career as the song “Location” which moved into the Top 20 in 2017 with the release of his album “American Teen.”

In most of his songs, Khalid finds a way to bring in El Paso with the words he uses to express his love for his city. Unlike many artists, Khalid wants to represent his hometown to show his love and appreciation. The album “Suncity” features a short song, “9.13” which explains his acceptance toward the key to the city. 

This year, Khalid released three brand new songs, “Up All Night,” “Eleven” and “Know Your Worth,” each one having its own meaning as all of Khalid’s songs do. The message of “Know Your Worth’’ is knowing that you are worth it, even if someone doesn’t treat you like you’re worth it. 

In his first album “American Teen,” he includes songs like “Location” and “Young Dumb & Broke,” which explores his experience and what he went through as a teenager.  

“I was young, dumb and broke when I wrote the song,” Khalid said in an interview with David Smyth from London Evening Standard. “Even though I’m famous, I still go through things that young people go through. I have to talk about that.”  

Even though Khalid is a huge artist, with over 52,426, 363 monthly listeners on Spotify, he only longs to be just a regular person from El Paso. The way Khalid writes and performs his music is a way to show that he, like everyone else, can share the same experiences as someone like him.

At the 60th Grammy Award Show on Jan. 28 2018, Khalid had received five nominations for Best New Artist, Best R&B song for “Location.” He also received a nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album (“American Teen”). In this album, most songs focus on him and his teenage years while making it relatable for others. 

Khalid’s latest album “Free Spirit” incorporates a very smooth flowing and good vibing, which has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and “Talk,” a very upbeat and good flowing song, was #1 single on Billboards Top 200. Featuring and performing with many artists such as Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar and other countless artists has also helped his movement in the music industry. 

With the release of the “Free Spirit” album in 2019, Khalid featured it with a short film titled “Khalid: Free Spirit.” The short film expands on his lyrics and artistry by sharing a visual story.  

Relatable music is what people look for, and that’s what most of Khalid’s music represents. From the “Suncity” album, “Better” with the line from the song, “Love to see you shine in the night like the diamond you are.” Making how many teens feel about someone, into one simple line. The power Khalid brings to the music industry is almost indescribable with a very heartfelt and down to earth flow which he brings to most of his music.