Students find ways to maintain busy during self-isolation


Gabriela Gomez

Freshman Kayla Lopez is catching up on school work during self-isolation.

Gabriela Gomez

With school not scheduled to resume until at least May 5, students are finding ways to keep themselves busy while they are away from school during this time of the pandemic.

“I’ve been playing a lot of video games and Khan Academy to keep myself busy during the quarantine,” senior Jakob Cohen said. 

Along with many other public places, school closures have prompted students to find ways to keep themselves distracted. Some are doing their online classes for school while others are doing their extracurriculars online as well, such as sophomore Rochelle Polushkin.

“I’ve been doing a lot of homework,” Polushkin said. “I procrastinate like crazy so it takes up the majority of the day and I’m also taking online dance classes almost every day to try to keep up with training.”

Some student athletes are working out to keep themselves in shape since they don’t have practices every day at Birmingham Community Charter High School. They’ve been doing workouts at home to stay in shape for when they return back to school.

 Junior Abdon Ubeda has tried not to be on his phone too often. He’s been doing his online courses and cleaning his room constantly. 

“I’ve been working out so when we go back to school I won’t be out of shape for the swimming season,” Ubeda said. 

Some students are wanting to go back to school since they are bored and don’t really know what to do. 

“I miss having the social interaction with my friends and even with teachers,”  junior Emily Rodas said.

Students are doing their work to maintain their grades while at home and balancing things at home. 

“I have been working out and catching up on sleep,” freshman Kayla Lopez said. “I’ve been doing my online classes to keep me busy.”