Restaurant Review: Authentic eats at il Tramezzino


Jade Campbell

il Tramezzino’s Nutella croissants are a popular food order.

Jade Campbell

With a quiet relaxing atmosphere, il Tramezzino is the perfect restaurant for first dates, friend hangouts and family gatherings.

When you first arrive at the restaurant on Ventura Boulevard, you are given the option of sitting inside or outside on a cozy patio. The interior is decorated and furnished as if it were a  home setting, providing you comfort while you enjoy your meal. Although it is located in front of a major street, the outside patio is still a quiet and relaxing place to sit, eat and converse.

With a variety of pasta, pizzas, soups and salads, Tramezzino is a good choice for those with different food preferences. Although the restaurant stands on the pricey side, il Tramezzino is worth the bill if you’re craving authentic Italian food.

Given with every meal are a side of their sourdough bread and their famous pesto sauce. The thick light green sauce is perfect to use on the bread instead of butter, giving it a unique taste. Under their pasta section on the menu, you will find that the plates of pasta are coated with creamy flavorful sauces whether it be a red or white sauce. They have a variety of dishes, whether it be carnivore-friendly, vegetarian or vegan. From paninis served on fresh-baked baguettes to the filling portions of pasta, most dishes cost $12.95.  

They also have various dessert options. One of their most popular is the banana Nutella croissant for $5.95 or the classic Italian Tiramisu for $6.95.

il Tramezzino is the perfect place for everyone to enjoy either breakfast, lunch or dinner. With various locations, it is easy to find one near you. With three locations, hours vary depending on the location. Information on their locations and hours can be found online.