Castillo beautifully blends on YouTube

Mahali Sanchez

Influenced by many makeup artists’ (MUA) looks, sophomore Natalie Castillo was inspired to put her own looks out on her YouTube channel and Instagram page, @makeupbyn.xtaliiee.

Since middle school, Castillo always had an interest in makeup but never found the courage to post content on any social media platform. It wasn’t until last year where she started posting her content on YouTube and her Instagram page.

“I had so many influencers that would say how YouTube change their life and how fun it is to do it so I gave it a try,” Castillo said.

Like many other YouTubers, Castillo struggles to find creative content to put out. She is mostly influenced by MUA Manny Mua because of his funny and creative content and occasionally uses his videos as inspiration for videos of her own.

In hopes of gaining more recognition, Castillo uploads content that is currently trending on YouTube.

“I think my main inspiration is how YouTube benefits people’s lives and how it’s so fun to do,” Castillo said. “It’s kind of hard creating new looks but when you’re in the moment you just know what you want to create.”

Having supportive friends has motivated Castillo to continue uploading content. Her best friend and sophomore Ashley Pedraza believes she has a lot of potential.

“I love it because she’s doing what she loves,” Pedraza said. “She’s really good at makeup and I believe that she is going to get somewhere.”

With plans to continue YouTube and makeup in the future, Castillo’s goal is to gain more popularity on the content posted on both her YouTube and Instagram pages.

“I would love to be noticed for my makeup and how I’m trying to work my way into doing amazing makeup,” Castillo said.