Restaurant Review: A history lesson, food served fresh at 94th Aero Squadron

Jade Campbell


The 94th Aero Squadron, located next to the Van Nuys Airport, makes it possible to enjoy a meal while experiencing the wonders of watching aircraft take off and land.

Aero Squadron is a museum- like restaurant full of history with World War I equipment and vehicles as well as unique and fresh meals. Inside the restaurant, you can find mini replica airplanes and equipment soldiers wore hanging on the walls and ceiling. The historic exterior includes life-size planes and cars that are made to look like those used in the war. The building itself carries many stories as it is covered with green ivy and other greenery to make it look like a building during wartime. Rooms are available to rent for events or one can dine in the main section of the restaurant.

This family-friendly restaurant offers a great experience for anyone, no matter their age. The historic atmosphere offers an educational and interactive opportunity with a pair of headphones attached to every other table. Live pilots can be heard as they communicate with tower control directing air traffic.

Various French and American cuisine dishes are found on the menu. Depending on the time of day and the day of the week, menus for lunch and dinner vary. Buffet style brunches are served on weekends with a Saturday a la carte brunch and a Sunday champagne brunch. As the small cottage tends to get very busy, making reservations beforehand is highly recommended.

The dinner menu includes various savory dishes such as angel hair pasta, chicken pot pie, roast beef, steak, lamb and many more. Upon being seated at a table, you are welcomed with dinner rolls that are paired with a side of butter and pesto sauce. The restaurant is on the pricier side with prices ranging from $17-$44 for dinner items. An early flight dinner is available from 4 p.m. -5:30 p.m. every day which includes a three-course meal for the price of $28.95 per person.

With the patio situated one level below the restaurant, meals can be enjoyed in the ambiance of watching planes take off and land. The outdoor atmosphere of the restaurant is one to enjoy with views of a duck pond and outdoor fireplaces.