Athlete of the Month: Kyle Matson


Christopher Sarenana

Kyle Matson during football practice on Oct. 17.

Christopher Sarenana

Q: What’s your favorite and least favorite thing about your coach?

A: Favorite thing is he’s like a second dad to me; a really cool and caring guy. Only bad thing is when he yells at you, he has these pale blue eyes that kind of stare at your soul.

Q: What position do you play and what position would you want to play?

A: I’m starting at defensive nose tackle and I also play defensive nose and defensive end and starting at right tackle on offense. If I could play anything, it would probably be a fullback but that would require my knee not to be messed up.

Q: How far do you see this going this season?

A: I see it coming down to us or Narbonne High School.

Q: What made you want to play football and what keeps you going?

A: I saw it on T.V. and said, “Hey that looks pretty fun, so freshman year, I was asking around on how to get into the football program and Dean (Khazanov) picked me out of my dance class and literally carried me to Birmingham. What keeps me going is I’m pretty good at it. It’s fun to play and I have a whole second family over there.

Q: Since this is your last year playing for Birmingham, what type of legacy do you want to leave for the school and younger teammates?

A: Since this is my last year playing for Birmingham, I would like to leave a legacy that I’m just a go-getter. Like I play for sports and it takes up a lot of my time, I still have good grades and I still go to the gym every day so I just want everyone younger than me to know anything you set your mind to is possible no matter what it is.

Q: Do you plan on pursuing football after high school or would you want to pursue something else?

A: Yeah, I do plan on playing football after high school but I’m also going to be taking classes to become an athletic trainer as in like in sports med and everything like that. But yeah, I do want to play sports after high school, whether that be in college or pros. If that doesn’t work out,  I’m going to Sports Med. I’m working with a doctor right now who’s a sports doctor. His name is Dr. Lowenberg, he’s a really really cool guy. I work with him on Saturdays and Sundays. I go to the office, I help treat patients and then I work with him just learning what he does.