Club Corner: Tag along and learn Tagalog


Sam Torres

Filipino club president Keona Paniagua invites students to learn about Filipino culture. Meetings take place every other Wednesday in room 15.

Tylin Jarrett

Juniors Lucianne Lejarde and Keona Paniagua created Filipino Club as a way to spread their knowledge of the Filipino culture.

Filipino Club is special for me personally because, for the first time, I have the opportunity to really connect to my Filipino roots and share with others,” Paniagua said.

The club started on Aug. 24 and takes place every other Wednesday during lunch in Room 15. This club is open to anyone regardless of their race, gender, etc. Paniagua is the president of the club and Lejarde is the vice president.   

“You do not have to be Filipino to join as anyone and everyone is welcome,” Lejarde said.

The club goes over Filipino history and helps students get a better view and perspective on the Filipino culture.

“We decided to start a Filipino club at our school because we wanted to learn more about our culture while educating others at the same time,” Lejarde said.

Once in a while, the club teaches its members how to speak Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines. Typically, a fluent speaker comes in to teach students.

Coming from a Filipino background, Paniagua feels like this is a great opportunity to share her knowledge about the culture.

Another feature about the club is that at the end of each month, every member pitches in to have a big feast and celebrate.

“I love the club,” junior Alyanna Ahorro said. “It’s a good way to just connect with everyone no matter their nationality.”

The club is gaining members weekly and the members of the club seem to love it.

“Personally,  I really enjoy being in the club especially since my closest friends are with me,” junior Kimberly De Dios said. “I think it’s a great club and I’m surprised by how many people like it too.”