Track & Field sprints for improvement

Maria Ruiz

Mirabelle Chernick
Sophomore Keona Paniagua approaches the finish line during a track meet at Birmingham Community Charter High School.

The Patriots dash across the finish line, marking the beginning of the track and field season.

“This season the coaches are focusing on getting us to place higher as a school and gain more points,” freshman Cassia Ramelb said.

The Birmingham Community Charter High School varsity track and field team is off to an impressive start. Throughout preseason the team was able to maintain the rank of #1 in the valley.

“With great coaches we’re really getting a kick off into the season,” Ramelb said.

During the team’s meet on April 5 against Chatsworth Charter High School, sophomore Keona Paniagua was able to place in all her events. She won second place in the high jump, first in the 1o0 meter hurdle and third place in the 300 meter hurdle. Ramelb was able to secure wins in her events placing first in in the 300 meter hurdle, second in the 100 meter dash, and first in the 4×1 relay race.

The team’s main goal is to win the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) city championship. Members of the team train tirelessly everyday to sharpen their skills and work on perfecting their forms. Their exercises range from 50 meter dashes to 400 meter sprints. They also work on squats, jumping jacks and armbands to strengthen their strides.

“This year our team is on another level and I’m really looking forward to seeing what some of our freshmen, Cassia for example, will be able accomplish,” Paniagua said.

Ramelb dedicates extra hours after practice to become a better runner.

“I stay after practice for about an hour working on technique,” Ramelb said. “I am striving to perfect my hurdle time and to clean up the action as I tackle the hurdle.”