President’s state of union address delivers achievements and goals for upcoming year

Rudraj Koppikar
President Donald Trump gave his State of the Union Address where he talked about the achievements he has reached and the goals he has for the future.


President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union speech on Jan. 30. His speech covered everything from the purported achievements of his administration over the past year, proposals to Congress and hinting at conflict with North Korea. Following are some notable topics discussed:


  1. Taxes


            Trump boasted about the “biggest tax cuts” in American history, referring to the tax bill that narrowly passed Congress in early Dec. 2017. The bill massively reduced individual and corporate income tax while increasing deductibles. Trump claimed this prompted several investments into the country, including a $350 billion investment by Apple. However, Apple has not stated the cuts as a reason for the investment.

  1. The Economy

           Trump used the stock market’s record highs over the past years to further how successful his economic policy has been. The market gained an unprecedented $8bn since Trump’s election. However only 18.7% of taxpayers own stock directly. The market is predicted to continue to increase in value through 2018 as the tax reform takes effect.


  1. Guests

       Trump’s guests included the parents of children killed by MS-13 gang members, veterans, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent, first responders and business owners who benefitted from the administration’s tax overhaul. Democratic guests included immigrants protected by policies such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, survivors and activists against sexual assault and survivors of the various natural disasters that hit the United States and its territories in 2017.


  1. Foreign Policy

        Trump doubled down on his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and criticized the subsequent United Nations resolution that condemned the decision. He criticized nations who were recipients of foreign aid from the United States and voted in favor of the resolution. Trump proposed limiting foreign aid to countries that “represent American interests.”


  1. Immigration

       Trump mentioned closing loopholes that purportedly allowed chain migration: immigrants petitioning for legal status of distant relatives. However, he didn’t specify a loophole to close, and no visa category exists for extended relatives. Trump also promoted his proposal to Congress which would allow a path to citizenship for more than a million immigrants, but also funding of more than a billion dollars for a border wall.


  1. Bipartisanship

    Trump spoke of bipartisanship. He mentioned reaching across the aisle to strike deals multiple times, having promoted himself as a dealmaker multiple times while on the campaign trail. However, most Democrats remained sat throughout the speech while Republicans stood and applauded, despite Trump gesturing several times for applause.