Lose yourself in a fantasy game like no other

Richard Mendiola

Massive swords, bulky armor and god-like entities set up a fantasy like no other with “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.”

The return of one of publisher Square Enix’s prominent franchises has arrived. “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT” is the sequel to two prior games in the “Dissidia” series, “Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)” and “Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. (2011).”

NT provides a diverse group of characters, each of them chosen for being the protagonist or antagonist of their respective “Final Fantasy” title. The roster currently has 28 playable characters, but Square Enix plans to add additional characters via future updates.

Gameplay has changed compared to prior titles. In the previous two Dissidia titles, players were given a one-versus-one situation in which they must drain the opponent’s health points. However, in NT, players are to assemble a team of three people to take down an opposing trio.

Unlike prior Dissidia titles, NT is gearing players towards online play rather than non-online game modes. Square Enix designed the game to be built for competitive online play. Although prior Dissidia titles have had just the option of online play, NT is mostly built for online gameplay.

Besides this, it has a story mode. Dissidia NT requires players to unlock the story mode through the use of an item called “Memoria.” Memorias are obtained by playing the gauntlet game mode.

The gauntlet game mode is an offline game mode for players who want a quick match. Players hand-pick both teams and the arena they desire to duel in.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is out now for Playstation 4.