Costume Design Club: Sewing new friendships


Maria Ruiz

Juniors Vanessa Rizo and Alishon Raymundo practice sewing during the club meeting.

Maria Ruiz

The Costume Design Club offers a place where students can come share their love for fashion and design in a welcoming environment.

“I’ve been doing costume design since I was really young and I really like the art of it,” club president and staff member of The Pearl Post Angel Van Horn said. “I wanted to bring it here because we don’t really have anything like this.”

Van Horn brings her passion and knowledge of costume design to every club meeting. The club’s main focus as of now is learning how to sew and the different techniques of sewing. The group hopes to work their way up to being able to make designs from intricate stitches.

As their skills in sewing and costume design advance, club members can learn how to piece together articles of clothing to make the foundation for a costume. By the end of the semester, the club hopes to be able to create an Elizabethan-era style costume, Van Horn’s favorite era.

“It’s a great skill to learn because then you can know how to make clothes and how to fix rips in your clothing,” junior Vanessa Rizo said.

Alongside basic skills, the members of the club are being taught the history of costume design. They are given a better understanding behind different eras of style from old era looks to modern day styles.

Fabrics are currently being supplied by club sponsor Davy Mauermann and President Van Horn. Van Horn also brings in needles, thread and pins for the members to use.

The club enables the growth of a whole new artistic factor to the school and encourages any student, regardless of their skill level, to join them every Thursday during lunch in Room 20.

“It gives me an opportunity not only to learn but to have fun with my friends making things,” junior Alishon Raymundo said.