Adventures await in Fire Emblem Warriors

Play as your favorite

Play as your favorite “Fire Emblem” series characters in Fire Emblem Warriors.

Steven Guzman

Worlds from the “Fire Emblem” franchise join forces in Nintendo’s upcoming “Fire Emblem Warriors.”

The game takes place in the kingdom of Aytolis, where twin prince and princess Rowan and Lianna face danger when the Gates of the Other World unexpectedly open and evil forces enter their realm. With the kingdom in trouble, the twins journey to different worlds to gather allies in order to save their kingdom.

Gameplay will revolve around attacking hordes of enemies with attack combos and critical hits. Four characters can be chosen for each map and the player can switch from character to character during gameplay.

The other three characters not being controlled will be set to AI (Artificial Intelligence). Characters will be able to grow bonds with each other, similar to the support system seen in previous games.

Players can chose to play in classic mode or casual mode. Classic mode includes the perma-death system, where characters can die in battle and are no longer playable. Casual mode cuts the perma-death system. allowing characters who fall in battle to be playable again once the level is completed.

Class promotion, where characters can transform into stronger soldiers and learn new to use new weapons and skills, will also make a return.

Downloadable content (DLC) will be available for purchase through a season pass or through separate purchase after the game is released. One character confirmed for downloadable content is character Anna the merchant. Amiibo figures will also be available, which can be used to receive extra content for characters.

“Fire Emblem Warriors” will be available for both the New Nintendo 3DS for $39.99 and the Nintendo Switch for $59.99 on Oct. 20.