Disney quits Netflix

Lauryn Uhlenberg

In an effort to conform to the current trends and technology, Disney and Pixar are removing their films from the competing streaming site Netflix and designing a new web page exclusively for Disney movies.

Disney already released a beta-test not available in the U.S. that is similar to the style and content that the new service will provide. The test site, DisneyLife, allows subscribers to indulge in 400 plus movies, 4000 Disney shows and many songs and books. Unfortunately, only the U.K. has access to the site.

Despite Marvel belonging to Disney, beloved Marvel shows, such as Daredevil” and Jessica Jones, are still being provided by Netflix. The superhero shows have been an extreme success for Netflix, including Iron Fist, which approximately 15% of all Netflix subscribers tuned in to watch on its premiere date.

In early 2018, Disney will also release a similar service for ESPN, where consumers are able to watch a plethora of Major League Baseball and college sports programs. Although the cost of the productions are unknown, Disney purchased a $1.58 billion share in BAMTech, the MLB streaming company.

Using their share in BAMTech, Disney has the base to form a successful website that children and adults alike will enjoy. Many are eagerly anticipating the release in 2019, while some are dreading the additional fee of a new service.