Students might have to say goodbye to loved staffer

Amanda Jimenez
Madge has been going around to sign yearbooks as a why to say a final goodbye

Campus Security Madgeolyn Wooten might be departing from Daniel Pearl Magnet High School this coming Fall.

“If things work out the way I hope, I’ll be able to come back next year,” Wooten said.

The unexpected transfer of Wooten to the Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences (VAAS) is known to be put into action near the start of the new school year. Due to their campus aids’ inability to stay for the remainder of the year, VAAS has been asked for her services. It is unknown whether or not Wooten will return in the future.

Plans for Wooten are still unclear as only a little amount of information has been discussed. As for now, it is expected that Wooten will remain indefinitely at VAAS.

Many students are upset and worried that Wooten won’t be returning for the upcoming years.

“So many kids need her advice,” sophomore Angel Van Horn said. “I don’t want Madge to leave. We’re all definitely going to be affected by it.”

Wooten is the only security guard on campus and her absence might cause more problems besides a loss of a friend.

Wooten hopes that she will be able to return for the upcoming school year. The hour-long commute to VAAS and the bigger school size is highly unfavorable to Wooten.

“I like the smaller setting and I love my kids,” Wooten said.