Students enjoy the second Pearl Con with new faces

Alice Curran

Superheroes, cosplayers and comic enthusiasts united to create a unforgettable experience at the second annual Pearl Con on May 20.

“We have more speakers this year,” physics teacher Steven Shaffter said. “We have more things for people to do, a greater variety of food and I think we have it better organized.”

The comic and game convention ran from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with presentations, comic sales and  trivia contests being held throughout the day. The Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) was transformed into a comic store with rows of Marvel and DC comic books, collectable items and movies for sale.

“I just love how everyone comes dressed and shows their true passion for their favorite comics or manga,” junior Nixia Bravo said.

This year, co-founders Shaffter and biology teacher James Morrison worked hard to bring more speakers, comics and cosplayers to the convention. Some of the most notable included Dan Povenmire, the voice of Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb’s Doofenshmirtz, and the 501st and rebel legion cosplayers. A new feature of this years event was the photo booth where fans could take pictures with characters, such as Stormtroopers and Darth Vader.

Attendees also had the opportunity to learn about comic book writing from a professional perspective in Room 3. Screenwriter and creator of the comic “Bloodthirsty: One Nation Under Water” Mark Landry spoke about his passion and process of writing comics.

“I came to talk about writing comic books from your own voice and telling your own stories that no one else could tell,” Landry said.

Over 100 items were offered at the silent auction in the library, including Marvel comics signed by Stan Lee, passes to Disneyland and collectors edition action figures. Just outside the library, the basketball courts became a sanctuary for game lovers, with games such as, “Magic the Gathering” and Pokémon trading cards.

“My favorite part of comic con would be the games they had because you can experience new games you never would have played,” junior Matthew Muñoz said.

Along with the various games and entertainment, the Maid Cafe girls were back this year in the quad, which was set up restaurant style and filled with pastel colored decorations. The girls wore traditional Maid Cafe costumes from the predominantly Japanese cosplay and served a wide assortment of snacks.

Popular comics, lifelike cosplayers, and mystical games combined to create another sucessful comic con. Due to increased value of auction items, t-shirt sales and merchandise, this year brought in twice as much money for the well-being of DPMHS. This unique event is not only an opportunity for students to connect, but also helps to raise funds and encourage enrollment.

“Mr. Morrison and I were thinking what is different about our school is the things that the kids like, popular culture, comic books, movies,” Shaffter said. “So we thought, let’s put on a little comic con and we did it and we’re doing it again this year and we’ll be doing it again next year.”