Google brings tech to fashion

Alice Curran

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Levi’s and Google have collaborated to create the Jacquard: an innovative combination of fashion and technology.

Google’s denim jacket was announced in 2015 but will not be released until this fall. Project Jacquard introduces the ability to incorporate touch-sensitive features into any textile.

This new invention makes it possible for users to access basic features on their phones, like music and maps, with only a swipe or tap on their wrist. A swipe towards the wearer gives the time while a swipe away from the user controls their maps. A double tap on the wrist begins playing music.

These features are all possible due to the combination of metal and yarns such as, cotton, polyester and silk which create conductive yarns. This materials are paired with discrete sensor grids and miniature circuits that capture your actions.

“The goal for Google is to provide our customers access to their favorite services and information from anywhere and everywhere at anytime,” said Ivan Poupyrev, the Google Technical Project Lead in an interview with BBC.

However, due to the high quality of Levi’s clothing and the various tech elements, the Jacquard will cost $350.

The Jacquard serves multiple purposes for both the tech-savvy and fashion lovers. It is marketed at cyclists who are unable to access their phones while commuting. The jacket is also a new step in fashion, with endless possibilities for new trends.