School, police team up to fight drugs
My LA 311 is an app produced by the Neighborhood School Safety Program and is available for all phones.

Principal Deb Smith met with the principals of the surrounding schools and city officials to discuss the emerging problem for teens: drugs.

Last month, Smith organized a meeting along with community resource specialist Jack Kayajian and Deputy City Attorney Jackie Lawson.

The meeting focused on areas where drugs are apparent in surrounding neighborhoods, including the Victory and Balboa Metro Orange Line stop, local restaurants and Balboa Park.

Prior to the meeting, Lawson contacted Metro about the incidents involving high school students and the Orange Line. Jennifer Brogin of Metro met with Chief Executive Officer Alex Wiggins and Assistant Director Sandra Solis and Lieutenant Chris Mouat.

All agreed to a followup meeting with all executives to further determine the plan needed to resolve the drug       issue.

At the meeting, they encouraged the public to report any drug problems on the My LA 311 app.