Dance Club brings entertainment to Fiesta Fridays

Alice Curran

While most students are eating lunch or socializing with their friends, Harmony Sanchez is expressing her individuality in Dance Club.   

“I like Dance Club because I was a dancer for 10 years,” Sanchez said. “I stopped because I wanted to focus on my schoolwork so doing a club like this makes it easier for me to still do what I love but also have the time at home to study.”

Senior Jonas Acebes started the Dance Club to create a place where dance and music lovers alike could come together. Students meet every Tuesday in music teacher Wes Hambright’s room.

“I founded the Dance Club to provide a safe and fun experience for everyone who actually wants to dance,” Acebes said.

In order to create a more lively environment on Fiesta Fridays, members work together to choreographed dance numbers and performances for the event. Their performances help to engage students and make Fiesta Friday more enjoyable.

When the dancers are not choreographing new dances, they have free time to explore new genres of music and share their creative passions. Among their favorite genres to dance to are hip-hop and K-pop.

The members of Dance Club hope to continue to build up their club and encourage every student to join. The weekly meetings provide a place for everyone to freely express their creativity.

“I think the best part is the fellowship,” senior Erica Mallari said. “I like how it brings people together even people that don’t know how to dance.”