Students given opportunity to show “nerdy” side at Northwest STEAM Fest

Ani Kocharyan
STEAM clubs from all over the San Fernando Valley and those who are interested in the sciences and art are invited to Cleveland Charter High School to participate in workshops that include innovating our world.

To spotlight talents in science, technology, engineering, the arts or math, Cleveland Charter High School will be presenting STEAM Fest on Saturday.

On March 4, students from 100 schools from the San Fernando Valley will be displaying their abilities in the five subjects. The event will include students from all ages showcasing their passions.

STEAM Fest is arranged into five themed areas, ranging from “Innovating in our world” to “Thriving in our world.” Each area will focus on one of the five subjects. 

Student performances and activities will be featured, including robotics demonstrations and sustainability exhibits. Along with events focused on project-based learning, the event will include 100 performances showcasing students’ talents in vocal and instrumental music, dancing and spoken-word. The goal is to present student inventions, innovations and campaigns to create solutions that will have a worldwide impact.  

The event will last from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and will be free. Here is a video promoting STEAMFest that was created by Mark Middlebook’s students.