These incoming laws may affect you as a teen

Amanda Jimenez

Creative Commons
One of the new laws that will be in affect is unisex bathrooms. This will take affect in March.
  1. Student athletes must be pulled out of any type of physical activity immediately after a head injury. California sports coaches are now required to take a course on head injuries. This law will decrease the number of concussions in student athletes.
  2. Drivers aren’t allowed to use their cell phones for calling, texting and live streaming unless it is on a complete hands free mode. This will insure roads will have less distractions.
  3. Starting March 1, any business and public bathrooms are now gender neutral making them accommodating to everyone. Officially making all public bathrooms unisex.
  4. The official definition of rape is now all sexual acts done without consent, including being incapable of consent due to intoxication. Now by making the definition clearer there will hopefully be a higher conviction rate.
  5. Beginning April 1, the registration fee for every vehicle will increase from $43 to $53. The relatively small amount won’t make too many damages but is unnecessary.
  6. Public schools are now able to expel students due to sexual cyberbullying and must inform students on the dangers of sexting. Sexual cyberbullying includes sending around child pornography in an intended and humiliating way.  
  7. If you see an animal trapped inside a car you aren’t held accountable to any damage done to the car, if you notify the authorities first. This law will lower the animal deaths due to heating exhaustion.