No Man’s Sky reaches toward an infinite world of gaming

Richard Mendiola

No Man's Sky, a new production from Hello Games, enters a whole new world of gaming.
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No Man’s Sky, a new production from Hello Games, enters a whole new world of gaming.

With more than 18 quintillion planets, “No Man’s Sky” is full of endless possibilities.

Developed by Hello Games, “No Man’s Sky” is an open-world game where players can explore an endless number of planets. Each planet has its own unique environment and atmosphere, which makes each and every planet special. With that said, players have to keep adapting to different environments.

Players begin on a randomly generated planet. The first thing players are instructed to do is to repair their ship. Once the ship is repaired, the journey begins.

Although it may seem like players are all alone in the universe they’re in, they’re not. As players keep exploring the vast lands they will eventually meet another life form. There are four species in the game, the Gek, Korvax, Vy’keen, and Sentinels.

The goal is simple, just get to the center of the galaxy. Sounds simple right? This goal makes players keep coming back to try and complete the objective, or to ab.

“No Man’s Sky” requires a lot of resources. Most of the items in the game are crafted with periodic elements. With the periodic elements players are able to craft items to help them throughout their journey.

The action packed game is an exciting, mind-boggling, and massive game. Any gamer who enjoys exploration and space will appreciate this game.

This game is rated T for Teen by the ESRB and was released on August 9, 2016. The game is available on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.