Gadgets for college kids


This fall, many seniors will embark on their college journey. To make college life easier to manage, check of some of these gadgets.


A laptop is imperative in easing the transition from high school to college. A laptop can be used to take notes, research and manage college accounts. A laptop is a worthwhile investment for any college student due to the seemingly endless opportunities for its positive use. The price can range from $200 to $1,500.

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Otterbox phone charging case

For every college student who has a cellphone, there is nothing more agonizing than watching the battery go to zero when it is needed the most. The Otterbox phone charging case solves this. Just charge it prior to leaving and it keeps the phone full all day. Costs about $40 and can be bought online from the Otterbox website.

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E-reader-Kindle, Nook

Textbooks are heavy and difficult to transport from one place to another. That is why E-Readers are a great investmentsfor the travelling student. One can get their textbooks and leisure reading books on the go. Prices can range from $60 to $200 and can be bought from any bookstore.

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A stylus or high tech pen can be used to easily write notes. It can be used as a way to design and can be used for laptops, tablets and cell phones. Stylus and can be bought for $30  and under at any technology store.

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Evernote Moleskine smart notebook

This new technology makes it easier for college students to keep track of the many pages of notes that they have. This notebook takes what a student writes and transfers it to the Evernote app to organize. This is a must have for any student with many notes. It can be purchased for $30 from bookstores such as Barnes & Noble.

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Laptop Lock

A simple laptop lock will protect your laptop from falling into the wrong hands. The lock is a long cable that holds a laptop in its place and can only be removed by entering the four digit code. The length of the cable can varies based on the brand. The locks’ prices are ranged from $6 to $50.

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