App updates to be familiar with

App updates to be familiar with

Nallely Delara

Don’t fall behind on updating these top three mainstream apps.


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The March 30 Instagram update allows users to better engage with their post and reached audiences by including a new viewers feature. What seems the to be the most criticized app update so far this year happened on May 11, Instagram changed its icon from the previous old-fashioned camera, to a neon-colored square that faintly resembles a camera.


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On Dec. 2, 2014, Snapchat launched Community Geofilters. This feature allows Snapchat users to create their own Geofilters and submit them to Snapchat. Some users submit a Geofilter to represent their schools, a local restaurant or even events such as weddings. In Chat 2.0 users can now videochat, send stickers and make voice calls. Auto Advanced Stories plays all the stories on a feed rather than the user manually having to select what stories to watch.





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A notable update Twitter had was on Oct. 19, 2015, when it changed its “favorite” feature to “like” and changed the icon from a star to a heart. This update made Twitter look a lot more like Facebook. On March 28, Twitter’s update adapted Twitter to IOS so the settings feature would be easier to use. Twitter also allowed users to create an alt text for images uploaded. This feature helps visually impaired users.