Classic coaster gets a modern twist with virtual reality

Marcus Rapier

6flagsphoto from
The Six Flags franchise
has collaborated with Samsung to introduce the first ever virtual reality coasters in North America, bringing the technology to nine of their 18 parks.

Depending on the park, there are two ways thrill-seekers can experience these new immerse rides. There are six “New Revolution” virtual reality coasters and three “SUPERMAN” virtual reality coasters, each containing different courses that corresponds with the track the ride takes.

The “New Revolution” is based around a futuristic alien invasion which involves the rider as a co-pilot fighting off the mothership with, as Six Flags proudly states, “The world’s first ever interactive gameplay technology on a roller coaster.”

Season pass holders can also get this advantage before the wave of people line up for the ride when it officially opens to the public on April 21 (Opening dates vary depending on parks.)

The ride has the co-pilot, positioned in a saving the world scenario. As the ride climbs the 113 foot lift, the virtual reality creates a feeling as if you’re flying out of a skyscraper. You soar through different types of flying debris, buildings, and alien spacecraft which can be destroyed by tapping the right side of the VR headset.

At one point during the ride there is a short break before the historical loop. On that one segment, the virtual reality has the rider crash through an office building. After the quick pause, the ride races towards the inversion.

But be on the lookout! Because there are  humongous building falling. Once successfully dodge the collapsing architecture, it flies directly underneath an alien robot and loop around the enemy. It’s definitely a trip when you invert in the artificial world as well as real life. After coming out of the stunt, it’s on to dodging more flying materials until it reaches the aircraft carrier, as the mothership crash into the city below.

This ride, along with others, will definitely stand out as a new popular updated attraction, and will inspire many coaster companies to take advantage of the technology at hand. Along with the eye-catching night time light display, this roller coaster will have you on the edge of your seat, wanting you to take on another round of the “New Revolution.”