Success of Supercell

Joseph Mousaed

The $5.5 billion gaming company Supercell, became the most successful company in the App Store with Clash of Clans and its successors.

Clash of Clans,” “Hay Day,” “Boom Beach” and most recently “Clash Royale” have all reached international success with 100 million players daily according to Supercell. The Finnish company initially received success with their popular ‘freemium’ style in “Clash of Clans.” Supercell developed games catered to long term casual gamers and has grown into the company that receives the most money daily from mobile apps.

“‘Clash of Clans’ is very addicting,” freshman Alberto Alcantara said. “I like how you can interact with friends in clans and the company does not force you to pay money if you don’t want to.”

What separates Supercell from other companies in the same market is now their ‘freemium’ strategy works. This allows the company to have satisfied customers that keep the games popular for a long time.

“Clash of Clans” was released in 2012 and is still the most grossing app in the App Store.

Supercell stemmed off of this strategy with “Hay Day” released months after.

Purchasing in app currency allows players in all of Supercell’s games to speed up the process of building structures rather than wait hours for items to grow or develop. This is how the company makes most of its money.

With their recent installment of Clash Royale, the Finnish company changed their approach by developing a card strategy game with the same characters as Clash of Clans. They still kept the ‘freemium’ approach that allows players to get better cards with real money.

“I will continue to play this game for a long time,” Alcantara said.