Apps of the month: cure boredom with two new apps

David Diaz

Barrier X and Clash Royale are popular apps that will keep any player’s eyes glued to  the screen. Now available on both App Store and Google Play for free.

Barrier X

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This edition’s app of the month tests the player’s  reflexes and ability to respond in high pressure situations. Barrier X is a high paced game where the  player’s main objective is to move the aircraft to avoid barriers. The player can tap either side of the screen to make the spaceship move. Tap left to move left and tap right to move right. The field is endless, meaning the player can move right or left as many times as they want. The game throws in handicaps at random points in the game that the player has to overcome including freezing your ship. Every 30 seconds the player advances to the next level, increasing the speed of the ship and difficulty of the level. The game has seven levels but endless amount of gameplay.

Clash Royale

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Clash Royale is a casual tower defense game where the player’s main objective is to destroy the enemy’s main tower while simultaneously defending their own tower. Each game the player is equipped with cards that summon troops. Using the cards the player can choose whether to attack or defend from incoming attacks. Players must be mindful of how many cards they use at once because each card requires a certain amount of resource to deploy. In order to play the game, internet connection is required throughout the whole session. Although Clash Royale allows multiplayer, people have the option to play single player against bots.